The word ‘Paparazzi’ derives from an Italian origin, it is used to refer to photojournalists who specialise in usually un-consensual photography of sort after individuals; mostly celebrities or politicians. In Britain particularly our obsession with celebrity culture calls for the demand of more exclusive personal photographs of those individuals in the spotlight. This lack of privacy and invasion into intimate areas of the lives of certain people begs the question is the price of fame really worth it?

Members of the paparazzi are continuously scrutinized for their vulgarity and ignorance towards fame. The paparazzi ‘mob’ are generally comprised of independent contractors unaffiliated with any mainstream media organisation From TV personalities to Radio DJs no one is safe from the ever-watchful eye of the paparazzi. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, one picture can potentially tarnish an individual’s career and reputation, whereas another may allow it to flourish. Some argue that a life of fame and fortune has downfalls; the paparazzi being one such downfall.


Perhaps one of the most controversial cases of paparazzi malice was the media frenzy which surrounded Princess Diana’s fatal car crash in 1997. Many made the contentious link between her tragic end and the high-speed paparazzi chase. This influential adversity sparked the beginning of photography-related legislation, which has led to serious consequences for those members of the paparazzi who harass the current duchess of Cambridge; Kate Middleton.